Are you a Farming Entrepreneur?

  • Is your finances something you leave for other people to take care of? 
  • Are you winning the battle to make your business profitable and sustainable?

By using the LPF AgriBusiness financial and management solution, you:

  • Save time by importing electronic bank and coop statements without punching it in manually 
  • Plan properly with a Budget, Cash flow and monthly and year-to-date variance reports 
  • Evaluate your business with flexible report specifications 
  • Easily capture in a spreadsheet-like format 
  • Generate VAT201 report in SARS format 
  • Track expenditure by location and product 
  • Full financial system with customer invoicing, suppliers, inventory, asset management and personnel modules 
  • Extensive management reports 
    • 12 month income and expenditure report
    • Transactions by location
    • Transactions by product
    • Transactions by asset register item (vehicles, fuel, repairs, etc.)    

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